Welcome to the Worldwide Rally!

After four long years, Domino’s Worldwide Rally is back — we can’t wait to get together with franchisees, corporate team members, sponsors and vendors in Las Vegas this May.

Make the most of your Rally experience and use the top navigation to learn more about:

What Is Doubling Down?
If you’re not familiar with the phrase, to double down on something means to strengthen our commitment to a particular strategy or course of action. Domino’s is the best pizza brand in the world, and Rally is a time to double down on everything that sets us apart!

General Sessions Attendance

Please limit General Session attendees to active team members in your organization who would benefit from learning the vision, mission and long-term strategies of the business.

Registration - Closed April 8, 2022

The event has reached capacity and there will be no onsite registration this year. We will have content available on demand in the weeks following the event on PieNet.

Note: There will be no on-site registration for the 2022 event. All registrations must be submitted by the April 8 deadline.

Rally Guests

If you’d like to bring non-Domino’s employees to Rally, please register them as guests to save General Session seats for Domino’s franchise employees. Guests must be over the age of 18 and will not be able to attend the General Sessions, but will be able to attend the Expo, and the Closing Celebration. There will be a non-refundable $100 fee for guests to support the meals and drinks served at Expo and the Closing Celebration (over a $300 value).  Rally content is designed for adults. Please register them in advance for an Expo Only Kid pass. There will be no onsite registration or passes available this year. 

No Shows

In the past, reserved seats have been left empty (and denied to others) because of registered attendees who did not show up. To limit this occurrence and allow more people to attend, there will be a $250 no-show fee that will cover some of the cost for meals and drinks served at Expo and the Closing Celebration (over a $300 value). You may change/cancel attendees with no fee up until the April 8 online registration deadline. Franchisees will be invoiced for all no-shows without proof of extenuating circumstances (ex. COVID-19 case, new COVID-19 travel restriction, unable to secure visa).